Dr. Elaine Chen-Nguyen


"As a Pediatrician, I love that Stork Bites provides whole, real food. Vegetables should taste like vegetables, and not be hidden under sweet flavors like many baby food options available today. The diverse flavors of fruits and vegetables, coupled with spices, help instill a life-long love of fresh, healthy and delicious food."

Dahlia Marin and James Marin

Married to Health

"We love that Stork Bites is a healthy, whole food option! In a world of highly processed and adulterated products available and marketed to even the youngest member in the family; Stork Bites stands out as a nutrient dense, sustainably sourced, and most importantly, delicious way to introduce healthy organic foods to littles. Convenience should never trump quality and nutrition and we are thrilled to see that Stork Bites comes packed with it all!” Dahlia Marin is a Pediatric Dietitian with an emphasis on childhood obesity and disease prevention and is passionate about helping those of all ages lead healthier lives and thrive! She has previously dealt with being obese, with pre-diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and Hashimoto's hypothyroid autoimmune disease and strongly believes in using food as medicine to cure herself and promote the benefits to others. Dahlia absolutely loves sharing her passion and health tips with families to bring health to future generations! James Marin is a Registered Dietitian with over six years of experience in the field of nutrition. He has extensive knowledge on sustainable food systems, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. He believes that true health and wellness comes from living in a healthy environment and that healthy food starts with the environment is is grown in. He uses healthy, whole foods to help alleviate instances and symptoms of chronic diseases his clients live with to truly use food as medicine. Dahlia and James Marin are a husband and wife team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who love healthy living almost as much as they love each other! They are trying to make the world a healthier, happier place for their inspiring daughter. Visit marriedtohealth.com or more information on Dahlia and James Marin.